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Hughes Law Firm Mission Statement


Integrity is the most important philosophy of this law office.  It is integrated in my practice and procedure, and will affect every aspect of your experience here. 

I am committed to offering the best possible service and representation, and to exceeding the standards minimally required by the Rules of Professional Conduct.   

As your attorney, I have the highest duty of confidentiality to you, my client, and your confidences are sacrosanct.  To discuss your estate plan or any other legal matter with any person (including your relatives), I require express written authorization from you. 

I am committed to studying, learning new facets of law, and continuing legal education primarily in estate planning.

I seek to uphold the honorability of the legal profession.  I take very seriously the oath I swore as an attorney to support the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the State of California, and to faithfully discharge the duties of an attorney and counselor at law to the best of my knowledge and ability. 

I strive to give you the best value for your dollar and leave you with a positive experience regarding both attorneys in general and my personal diligence.  If there is any way that I can improve or better meet your expectations, please tell me.  If I have met or exceeded your expectations, please tell others. 

Jennifer L. Hughes, Attorney-at-Law

Financial Planning and Realtors

Resources for your present and future planning:


Amber Phoenix
619 446-5697
Phoenix Wealth Management
402 W. Broadway, Ste. 400, San Diego, CA 92101


Brad Michels, Realtor
619 742-4170
Handles short sales and other real estate transactions

Nancy Clement, Realtor
619 563-4184
Specializes in first time buyers and senior citizens

Tamara Bond, Realtor
619 261-2663

Debra Fares, Realtor
619 252-3324

San Diego Attorneys

Below is a list of trusted colleagues to serve your legal needs outside of estate planning:

Lourna Mariel Marquez-Carrasquillo, Esq.
Immigration Law
Office phone (760) 710-7082

Michele M. Macosky, Esq.
Employment Law
(858) 755-6632
North San Diego County

Cheryl L. Stengel, Esq.
Bankruptcy Attorney
(619) 233-1727
Law Office of Michael O’Halloran
1010 2nd Ave #1727, San Diego, CA 92101

San Diego Memorial Society

The San Diego Memorial Society is a non-profit organization which provides reduced-cost options for immediate burial or cremation for a $40 lifetime fee.  You can find more information at or by telephoning Paul Ward at (858) 874-7921. 


This information is provided as a potential resource only.  Jennifer Hughes is in no way affiliated with San Diego Memorial Society.  

Reasons to Give to Responsibility 501(c)3 Nonprofit Organization

1. Reduce the size of your estate to avoid estate taxes. This year, the federal estate tax exemption is $3.5 per person. It is abolished for one year only in 2010, and then returns in 2011 (indefinitely) as $1 million per person (unless Congress does something to increase the exemption). The value of your estate includes life insurance policies where there is a right to change the beneficiary or borrow against the policy, in addition to all of your assets. For example, if you are a single person who dies in 2011 and have a $2 million estate, your estate will pay approximately $450,000 in federal estate taxes.

2. Gifting is an effective way to reduce the size of your estate to avoid a steep tax (up to 45% on everything above the exemption amount) on your estate.

3. There are several ways to gift, all of which are tax deductible. The following list is a few of them:

*  One time or repeated individual gifts whenever you wish to give them.
* Gifts as a testamentary devise through your will or trust
* Charitable remainder trusts (CRT), where you pay yourself income on the asset for the duration of your life, and when you die, the corpus of the asset goes to charity. This reduces the size of your estate for estate tax purposes because although you receive income for life on the property in the CRT, you no longer own it.

4. Estate planning is an important part of life. It is a prudent and responsible choice which will affect your family and can positively affect charitable organizations for years to come. Your charitable gift of any size makes a difference!